L K Wilde

Author and musician LK (Laura) Wilde was born in Norwich, but spent her teenage years living on a Northumbrian island. She left the island to study Music, and after a few years of wandering settled in Cornwall with her husband, where she raises her two crazy, delightful boys.

Dreams of writing started early for Laura, and she carried a note book round at school, scribbling stories whenever she could, including in lessons when she should have been focusing on other things. It probably explains her dubious Maths skills now!

During her teens Music took centre stage (excuse the pun) and she applied her love of writing to songs. In her 20’s, fitting music around a full time teaching career meant any dreams of becoming an author were put on hold.

In 2018 she embarked on an ambitious Music project with Cornish folk band The Rowan Tree, unearthing and retelling forgotten stories of Cornish miners in India. The project involved a substantial amount of writing as well as music, and her dream of writing a book was rekindled.

Eventually, with a great deal of encouragement from family near and far, she began writing her first novel. Silver Darlings was released on Amazon in early 2021.

Laura’s second novel Queenie of Norwich was released in February 2022.

Books by L K Wilde

Silver Darlings


Queenie of Norwich
Queenie of Norwich


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