Bittern Books Affiliate Scheme

Bittern Books affiliate scheme is designed to encourage members to promote sales of our products on their own websites and blogs, third party sites and social media.

How does it work?

Each affiliate is assigned a reference code which is attached to the URL linking to our site.  When a customer comes to our site via this link, we record the affiliate’s reference on a cookie for the user.  Any subsequent purchase, either of the specific item linked, or any other item within 30 days of following the link, will result in commission being credited to the affiliate.

How much is the commission?

We offer a minimum of 10% commission to new affiliates, with higher levels available depending on what you can offer us in terms of exposure to key markets.  Please use our contact form to apply for higher levels, providing information about how you can market our products.

Who is the scheme open to?

The affiliate scheme is open to anyone with a website, blog or social media following who wishes to promote the products we sell, provided that the site or social media profile does not display racist, sexist, homophobic or other extreme or unacceptable views, and appears to add value to Bittern Books’ offering.

How do I register?

Simply go to the affiliate dashboard page and submit your request for registration.  Make sure you include details of your website or social media profile or your request is likely to be rejected.

The affiliate dashboard

Through the affiliate dashboard you can see how much money you’ve earned at any time and how many people have clicked through onto the site.

How do I get paid?

Initially payment will be made manually by us at the end of each month, subject to a minimum due of £10.  We are hoping to introduce an option for automated payment through Paypal in due course.

How do I get the URL links?

Make sure you are logged in and then simply find the product you want to link to on the site and copy the URL.  You should find it has a reference at the end that looks something like ?bbaf=99 where ’99’ is replaced by your own code.  You can also use the social networking links on each product page which will automatically include your link.

Do I get the commission if I purchase books myself?

Yes, your own purchases qualify for commission, unless you are registered as a trade customer.

Please note that purchases by trade customers receiving trade discounts, even if from following your link, will not qualify for commission.

All commissions are subject to review by Bittern Books and may be revoked at our discretion if there is any suggestion of improper use or application of the scheme.  Links to Bittern Books website and products must not be posted on any site or associated with any post on social media with racist, sexist, homophobic or other extreme or unacceptable views.  Any such posting of links may result in the affiliate being banned and any outstanding commissions forfeit.

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