For Retailers – Wholesale Supply

Bittern Books is primarily a wholesaler and distributor to all kinds of retail outlets throughout East Anglia. Our customers include bookshops, tourist information centres, garden centres, Post Offices and newsagents, museums, gift shops, farm shops, cafés – in fact anywhere that might sell maps, tide tables or local interest books.

You can view our range on this website. Trade discounts depend on the publisher, but always give you a good return. We have no minimum order value, but we do charge shipping at approximate cost on orders under £60.

We aim to hold good stocks of all the titles you find here and aim to ship orders within two working days – usually same or next day. If we have to backorder an item we normally ship what we have in stock with the other items to follow – typically in 7-10 days.

Please register with us as a trade customer to see full trade pricing information. Account activation is automatic if you already have an account with us but may take a day or so if we need to contact you to confirm your business details.

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