Lots of New Books Part 2

A slight delay in getting this post completed due to being so busy!  It’s wonderful to see lots of retail outlets open again and tourists back in the region.  We have several new local interest books out, plus a few special purchase bargains for you.

A School Through Time

A School Through Time

A School Through Time traces 200 years of history of a rural village school in Norfolk, exploring the changes in approach to education over time.  Antingham and Southrepps School was built in 1826 by the 3rd Lord Suffield – a man ahead of his time in believing that the children of ordinary poor agricultural workers deserved to be educated.  The book describes the evolution of the school, from the time when it provided education for the children of the workers on Lord Suffield’s estate, to its adoption by the local authority for the benefit of five parishes, until it became part of the North Norfolk Academy Trust in 2014.

This is a beautifully produced book with lots of photographs and facsimile documents from the archives.

A School Through Time: 200 years in the life of Antingham and Southrepps School and its people.
Author Margaret Dowland
Paperback 162 pages; Poppyland Publishing
ISBN 9781909796799; RRP 9.95

Three Million Wheelbarrows

Three Million Wheelbarrows

The Eau Brink Cut is a short channel which diverted the River Great Ouse from a long semi-circular course directly to the sea at King’s Lynn.  This is the story of how it came to be built.

Three Million Wheelbarrows: The story of the Eau Brink Cut by Kathleen Saunders
Paperback 156 pages; Mousehold Press
ISBN 9781874739920; RRP 9.95
Published June 2021 – available to pre-order now.

Churches of Norfolk

Churches of Norfolk

There have been many books produced about the many hundreds of churches in Norfolk – some, such as Norfolk and Suffolk Churches providing a detailed list, others focusing on particular aspects such as the round tower churches.

In this new book, John Vigar has selected 50 churches to represent the range of interesting features and styles that can be found across the county.  Copiously illustrated with colour photographs, both of the outside of the churches and some of the remarkable features that can be found inside, Churches of Norfolk will be of interest to tourists and local enthusiasts alike.

Churches of Norfolk by John E. Vigar
Paperback 96 pages; Amberley Publishing
ISBN 9781398106260; RRP £15.99

Secret Gardens of East Anglia

Secret Gardens of East Anglia

Secret Gardens of East Anglia is a beautifully produced hardback, large format book presenting 22 gardens from across East Anglia that are slightly off the beaten track.  Although this would be at home on anyone’s coffee table, it is also a excellent guide for enthusiasts who want to seek out some of the more unusual gardens in the region.  Each garden is thoroughly illustrated with Marcus Harpur’s colour photographs with descriptions and interviews with the owners by Barbara Segall.  Originally priced at £20 this is being sold for just £8.99 retail with the usual wholesale discounts.

Secret Gardens of East Anglia: A Private Tour of 22 Gardens by Barbara Segall and Marcus Harpur
Hardback 144 pages; Frances Lincoln 2017
ISBN 9780711238596; RRP £8.99 (original price £20)

Action Stations Revisited: Volume 1 Eastern England

Action Stations Revisited: Eastern England

Actions Stations Revisited Volume 1 provides a comprehensive list and history of all the military airfields in Eastern England, from major international airports and huge airbases down to tiny airstrips or disused remains. Incorporating large amounts of new information and recently declassified material it includes over 400 rare and previously unpublished photographs. An indispensable companion for any aviation enthusiast.

Action Stations Revisited: Volume 1 Eastern England by Michael JF Bowyer
Hardback 480 pages; Crecy Publishing 2010
ISBN 9780859791458; RRP £12.49 (original price £24.95)

The Other Norfolk Admirals: Myngs, Narborough and Shovell

The Other Norfolk Admirals

Narbrough and Shovell came from the small North Norfolk hamlet of Cockthorpe and Myngs from nearby Salthouse.  In the 1660s, Myngs was the captain, Narbrough the lieutenant and Shovell the lowly cabin boy in the same ship. It is also possible that they were all related at least by marriage. In the majority of the naval wars of the second half of the seventeenth and the early eighteenth centuries one or other of them was invariably present.  This book tells their stories.

The Other Norfolk Admirals: Myngs, Narborough and Shovell by Simon Harris
Hardback 336 pages; Helion 2017
ISBN 9781912174225; RRP £9.99 (original price £30)

Nelson’s Band of Brothers

Nelson's Band of Brothers

While there is a perennial interest in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic wars and in Nelson himself, there is no reference work that chronicles all the captains of his ships, their social origins, their characters and the achievements in their lives beyond their service under Nelson.  Nelson’s Band of Brothers, researched and written by distinguished historians, descendants of some of Nelson’s officers, and members of the 1805 Club, presents concise biographies of those officers who fought with Nelson in his three great battles, with superb colour illustration throughout.

Part travel book, part biography and moving testimony to Nelson’s faithful captains, Nelson’s Band of Brothers presents the opportunity to rediscover 100 local heroes.

Nelson’s Band of Brothers: Lives and Memorials by Peter Hore
Hardback 140 pages; Seaforth Publishing 2015
ISBN 9781848327795; RRP £9.99 (original price £25.00)

Advance Warning!

Bittern Books will be closed for two weeks in early July for our summer break.  Please make sure you have plenty of stock for the start of the school holidays.




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