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Once again we’ve had quite a few new books in this month.  However there have been some delays with printing, and we’re finding a few titles that have gone out of stock are getting reprints delayed, so apologies if this is affecting any of your orders.  Also we are still waiting for the new David Blake book, Storm Force, although we have now been promised delivery by Monday 13th September.  If you have this pre-ordered rest assured we will get them to you as soon as possible.

We’re going to be away for a few days from the 15th-23rd September, so please get your orders in by Sunday 11th and we’ll do our best to get them shipped before we go.

The Picture of Yarmouth

The Picture of Yarmouth

In January 1820, John Preston, Comptroller of His Majesty’s Customs in Great Yarmouth, published The Picture of Yarmouth, an illustrated account of the public establishments in the town. In 2018, the Great Yarmouth Local History and Archaeological Society was successful in its bid to the Heritage Fund to commemorate the bi-centennial of its publication. This book is one of the outcomes of that project.

The Picture of Yarmouth: 200 Years of Built Heritage looks at the buildings that Preston described and illustrated in his original book that still remain today, and some sites that have not survived, as well as exploring the built heritage of the town post-Preston.

The Picture of Yarmouth
Great Yarmouth Local History and Archaeological Society
Hardback 172 pages
ISBN 9780957609228; RRP £15.00

An Affinity of Place

An Affinity of Place

The plot of this story could be described as a gentle romance as two young people meet, develop friendship and finally love, but the real protagonist is Horse Fen, the stretch of land between Ludham and Potter Heigham along the Thurne river of the Norfolk Broads. The Jonathan Falkner draws on his own observations to provide detailed descriptions of the locations and the natural environment found there.  He describes the changes through the seasons with a passion that comes out clearly in the book. However, this isn’t a dry recital of nature notes, it is a story that holds the reader’s attention through to the end.

For anyone who knows this area they will find a lot that is familiar, and for anyone who doesn’t, they will want to visit.

An Affinity of Place by Jonathan Falkner
Paperback 343 pages; Saint Herbert Publishing
ISBN 9781527289444; RRP £8.99

Illustrated Tales of Suffolk by John Ling

Illustrated Tales of Suffolk

A companion volume to the author’s Illustrated Tales of Norfolk, this is a collection of strange and mysterious tales ranging from ancient legends and stories of the supernatural to more modern documented cases. These strange and spooky stories include the Green Children of Woolpit, where a boy and girl with green-tinged skin, neither of whom could speak English, were discovered in a wolf pit in central Suffolk in the twelfth century, and the Wild Man of Orford who was a ʻmermanʼ captured off the Suffolk coast. The famous Black Dog of Bungay was a giant supernatural hound said to have killed parishioners in Bungay church during a thunderstorm in the sixteenth century, before killing again at Blythburgh church.

These strange and spooky stories are accompanied by the authorʼs photographs of places featured in the text, both present-day and historical, in this hugely entertaining book.

Illustrated Tales of Suffolk by John Ling
Paperback 96 pages; Amberley Publishing
ISBN 9781398100992; RRP £15.99

Photographing East Anglia

In this extensive photo-location and visitor guidebook, award-winning landscape photographer Justin Minns photographs and describes the most beautiful places to visit in East Anglia including The Broads, Norfolk, Suffolk, North Essex and Cambridgeshire.

  • 150 locations and over 800 beautiful photographs

  • Topographic maps • Sat nav and map co-ordinates • Sun compass

  • Best times to visit and seasonal highlights • Photographic tips • Accessibility notes

  • Travel information • The best places to stay, eat and drink

This book was published in 2019, but just added to our list.

Photographing East Anglia by Justin Minns
Paperback 525 pages; Fotovue
ISBN 9781916014503; RRP £27.95

Norfolk Broads Canoe and Kayak Guide

Norfolk Broads Canoe and Kayak Guide

This guide, not previously listed with us, provides all the information required to plan a journey by canoe or kayak through the unique and picturesque landscape of the Broads. Seven rivers and fourteen Broads are described in detail, with information on launching points, local attractions, wildlife and history. Distances between launching points are also provided, along with details of riverside campsites and pubs, advice on tides, safety, access and environmental issues.

This second edition was updated and published 2020.

Norfolk Broads Canoe and Kayak Guide 2nd Edition by Steve Maloney
Paperback 160 pages; Pesda Press
ISBN 9781906095734; RRP £14.99

Coming Soon

Lost King's Lynn

Lost King’s Lynn by Paul Richards
Paperback 160 pages; Amberley Publishing
ISBN 9781445693705; RRP £15.99
Expected mid-September

Norfolk Tide Times 2022 Suffolk and North Essex Tide Times 2022

Norfolk Tide Times 2022
ISBN 9781913415051; 32 pages; RRP £2.99
Suffolk and North Essex Tide Times 2022
ISBN 9781913415068; 32 pages; RRP £2.99
Expected end-September


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