New Year, New Books

I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year break, with lots of time to catch up on your reading.  We have some exciting new books coming out very shortly, plus a few that arrived during December.

Weavers Way

Weavers Way

Number 9 in David Blake's Broadland series

Struggling with his new role as a detective chief inspector, John Tanner is warned of a convicted psychopath’s early release. When a couple is found later that day; the man stabbed to death, the woman with her throat cut, he’s forced to assume the convict is responsible. But when the male victim turns out to be heir to a global pharmaceutical company, and his twelve-year-old son is nowhere to be found, he has to start looking closer to the victim’s family, and their sprawling stately ancestral home.

Expected around 18th January, available to pre-order now!

Paperback  292 pages; Black Oak Publishing
ISBN 9781916347984; RRP £8.99

The Temenos Remains

The Temenos Remains

Number 4 in Heather Peck's Geldard series

With his ex-wife receiving threatening phone calls, loose ends still flapping from his last big case and a ritual burial found in a Norwich archaeological dig, the last thing Greg Geldard needs is an East Coast flood and a cliff fall that reveals – what exactly?

Ritual burials are rare. Finding them – rarer still. When three turn up, Greg Geldard knows he has a problem.  The nature of the victims and historic attitudes complicate his investigation as he struggles to find the killer’s latest victim before it’s too late.

Publication early February, available to pre-order now!

Paperback 305 pages; Ormesby Publishing
ISBN 9781915769008; RRP £9.99

Also from Heather Peck, you may have missed her short ‘novella’ bonus in the Geldard series, Death on the Rhine. 

Much to Greg Geldard’s amusement, his friends Ben and Paula embark on a river cruise for their 2nd honeymoon. Set on a luxury river cruise on the Rhine, the story evokes the grand old age of murder mysteries, with a modern twist.

Paperback 77 pages; Ormesby Publishing
ISBN 9781915769022; RRP £2.99

Time's Revenge

Time's Revenge

David Viner

Time’s Revenge is a sequel to David’s clever Time Portals of Norwich.  Our hero, Cassie, finds herself flying back through time to Norwich’s deep past to bump into Robert Kett again.

Time’s Revenge by David Viner
Paperback 286 pages
ISBN 9781913873066; RRP £8.99

The Marsh House
The Night of the Flood

The Marsh House

The Night of the Flood

Zoë Somerville

We have recently added these two excellent novels, both set in Norfok, to our range.  The Night of the Flood is a story of romance and murder with the backdrop of the great flood of 1953 set in and around Wells and Holkham.  In The Marsh House, two women, separated by decades, are drawn together by one, mysterious house on the North Norfolk coast.

The Marsh House9781838934668; RRP £9.99
The Night of the Flood
9781838934620, RRP 8.99
Both paperback by Zoë Somerville
Published by Head of Zeus

Reprints from History Press

We’ve added a few more reprints from History Press this month.  Some of these books have been out of print for some time, but one of the benefits of digital printing technology is that low volume printing is now more viable.

Sandringham Days

Sandringham Days

The Domestic Life of the Royal Family in Norfolk


Sandringham Days by John Matson
Paperback 192 pages
ISBN 9780752465821; RRP £14.99

Roman Shore Forts

The Roman Shore Forts

Coastal Defences of Southern Britain


The Roman Shore Forts by Andrew Pearson
Paperback 192 pages
ISBN 9780752419497; RRP £14.99

North Walsham and District Vol II

North Walsham & District

A Second Selection


North Walsham and District Vol 2 by Neil Storey
Paperback 128 pages
ISBN 9780752489001; RRP £12.99

The Great Yarmouth Herring Industry


The Great Yarmouth Herring Industry by Colin Tooke
Paperback 128 pages
ISBN 9780752437606; RRP £12.99

Norwich Streets

Norwich Streets

Images of England


Norwich Streets by Barry Pardue
Paperback 128 pages
ISBN 9780752435053; RRP £12.99


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