‘To call Alice “just another pig” would be the gravest insult.’ Alice the Large Black pig was Paul Heiney’s best friend, his confidante and his therapist. This is the story of their tempestuous relationship with all its ups-and-downs, from her arrival as a ‘large, black and expensive’ Christmas present for his wife to her last days as the matriarch of his traditional farm. In A Pig Called Alice, Heiney walks us through why lop-eared pigs are the best to raise (they can’t see you coming), how to escape a sow that’s decided you’re her next mate (throw a bucket and run), and how, actually, pigs might have just got this whole ‘life’ situation sorted out.

PAUL HEINEY is a well-known writer, broadcaster and journalist. Best known as the presenter for ITV’s Countrywise, he has also
appeared on Watchdog and has been a contributor on all of Britain’s national radio networks, including BBC Radio 4’s Home Truths. He has been a columnist for The Times, and is also the author of several bestselling books, including One Wild Song (Bloomsbury, 2016) and Do Cats have Belly Buttons? (THP, 2008).