A149 Landmarks

A149 Landmarks


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It’s a journey through historical and social events that have shaped a county and made a significant impact locally, nationally and, in some instances, internationally. From the end of the last Ice Age to today’s Royal Family; from the birth of modern agriculture to the safety and protection of the ships that have sailed this seemingly benign stretch of coast for over a millennia, this book explores some of the towns, villages and landmarks – big, small, ancient and modern – that feature on one of England’s most picturesque and iconic highways, the A149, the famous road that winds a sinuous route along the North Norfolk coast.

Each of these landmarks is accompanied by a concise yet colourful description of its origins, history and significance, and an invitation to seek them out for yourself and, in doing so, to find out a little bit more about their place in Norfolk’s rich history.

With an array of stunning photographs included, A149 Landmarks is an essential companion for those visiting and exploring Norfolk – a thoroughly absorbing investigation of a fascinating thoroughfare.


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