Fishing Talk: The Language of a Lost Industry is the outcome of a lifetime’s research by Lowestoft author David Butcher. He delves into the language, the stories and the working lives of East Anglia’s fishermen. He has listened closely to the language of his own community, taking every opportunity to record accounts of daily life at sea and in the harbour. These sea-going men – and their wives who kept the homes together and frequently looked after the business apsect of the fishing life – gladly contributed their recollections.

The audio recordings are now safely lodged with the Suffolk Record Office; from them David produced a series of books on the lives of the driftermen and the trawlermen. To these he now adds a glossary of words and phrases, explaining their terminology and their memories. The days of the deep sea fishing fleets of these east coast have now largely passed – but they will be understood and relived through David Butcher’s work.