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Glass Arrows – Heather Peck


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Glass Arrows is the second book in the DCI Greg Geldard thriller series set in the Norfolk Broads.


Shortlisted for the East Anglian Book Awards (Fiction) 2021
When the body of a farmworker is found during a turkey cull, the incident falls to DCI Greg Geldard to investigate. Newly promoted and newly transferred from North Yorkshire to Norfolk, he is about to face the most challenging case of his career. As he uncovers evidence of organised crime and modern slavery, the body count rises, a friend is threatened and he struggles to bring the murderer to justice.
Glass Arrows is about loss and exploitation. Loss of belonging and certainty. Exploitation of labour, of people and of the environment. And one man’s fight to rise above his own problems to do what he believes is right.
Prey, predator or protector – which are you? Glass Arrows is the second book in the DCI Greg Geldard thriller series.


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