In a thousand years of history more than a thousand churches were erected in Norfolk, and 250 of those have either been left redundant or survive in various stages of ruination. This book celebrates in photographs and prose Norfolk’s ruined, redundant, lost, forgotten and remote churches in a county-wide record. Laid out in gazetteer style with accompanying maps, the book encourages readers to explore this rich aspect of our heritage.

Contents: Foreword by Edward Parnell; Preface; Introduction; The Ringing Island; Road to Ruin; Divine Silence; Fallen Angels; Afterword; Acknowledgements; Select bibliography and media sources; Photographic notes; Index.

Clive Dunn is an award-winning filmmaker based in Norwich. He has written, produced and directed documentaries and dramatized biographies for all the major network TV channels. He began his working life as a cartographic draughtsman for the Ordnance Survey, and acquired a lifelong love of topography and landscape. He has spent many years recording Norfolk’s ruined and redundant churches, and has had several successful one-man photographic exhibitions.