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Naturally Connected – Barry Madden


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Naturally Connected combines Barry’s wonderful nature photographs with his writings in a splendid new book showing much of Norfolk’s spectacular wildlife, and some from further afield.


Do you love nature? Does your heart swell with joy at the sound of birdsong? Do you find yourself smiling when you see a colourful butterfly, or hear the screeching of returning Swifts?  Do you stand in awe at the spectacle of a field cloaked red with poppies? Do you fell the pulse of the wild?  Answer yes to any of these questions and this book is for you.  Embark on a journey of discovery and become truly Naturally Connected.

Naturally Connected combines Barry’s wonderful nature photographs with his writings in a splendid new book showing much of Norfolk’s spectacular wildlife, and some from further afield.  Barry is a lifelong resident of Norfolk where he developed a love of all things wild.   In this book he documents his experiences of searching for, photographing and just admiring the beautiful wild creatures he has been lucky enough to dicover in his native county, around the UK, Europe and much further afield.  Barry is a keen writer having over 300 published wildlife themed articles to his name.  These have appeared in various magazines, blogs and websites, some feature in updated form in this book, although a lot of material has been specially written.  He is keenly aware of the growing disconnect between modern day living and the natural world, and hopes this book will help people to become better connected with the splendour of nature.

After all we only need to look.

“Barry’s passion for his subjects is generously shared and superbly accompanied by his own photographs.  A book to savour!”
Martin Kelsey OBE, Birding Extramadura

“Barry’s enthusiasm, combined with his story-telling skills, will enable you to experience the wild world as if you were there alongside him.  He delights in both the commonplace and the unusual and rare.  Read and, and share Barry’s joy and wonder at some of the worlds most spectacular wildlife sites and sights.”
– David North, Norfolk Wildlife Trust.


3 reviews for Naturally Connected – Barry Madden


    I would thoroughly recommend the book Naturally Connected by the author Barry Madden its interesting and informative ,a very good read and some amazing photographs to appreciate ,its definately a book to go back to again and again ,there is something for everyone to enjoy ,a lovely book.

  2. Alison Bacon

    This is a wonderful, inspirational book, packed full of interesting informative stories and humorous anecdotes. I’ve lived in Norfolk all my life and had no idea I had so much amazing wildlife on my doorstep. The photographs are outstanding and I loved the way they are used throughout the book. I really enjoyed reading about Barry Madden’s worldwide travels and the diverse wildlife and birds he’s been lucky enough to encounter. A beautifully designed and thoroughly enjoyable book. Highly recommended.

  3. darren archer

    There are many critisism of current nature writing. I went here. I saw that. I went on a path of self discovery (and came out a better/changed person). This is not one of those kinds of books. What you get at the end section is the feeling that you have been into the field with a self-taught naturalist who really knows his stuff. You get the sense of childlike wonder of slowing down, stopping and looking at things as if for the first time. His words are backed up by amazing images on every page. A real treat.

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