Outposts of the Roman Empire

A guide to Norfolk’s Roman forts at Burgh Castle, Caister-on-Sea and Brancaster.

Outposts of the Roman Empire


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The Roman walls at Burgh Castle are imposing and dramatic, standing guard silently over the swirling tides of Breydon Water and the flat windswept marshes beyond. Here, nearly two thousand years after the fort was built, it is possible to imagine some of the thoughts and feelings of a Roman soldier on sentry duty.  At Caister-on-Sea we can walk through the rooms of the only accessible Roman building in East Anglia and wonder what life was like inside the fort walls.  At Brancaster we can enjoy the beauty and wilderness of the north Norfolk coast, unchanged in many respects since Roman times.

This booklet uses maps, plans and drawings to explain why these forts were built, presents the evidence of archaeological excavations and finds, and describes the remains that can still be seen and explored today.


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