St Benets Abbey: A brief history and guide

St Benets Abbey: A brief history and guide


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The Abbey of St Benet at Holme lies deep in the Broads, close to the meeting place of the rivers Bure and Ant. This was the only
Norfolk monastery founded in the Anglo-Saxon period which continued in use throughout the Middle Ages, and is the only monastery in England which was not closed down by Henry VIII – the Bishop of Norwich is still the Abbot.

As well as being of great historical interest, St Benet’s Abbey is also very atmospheric. For over 200 years it has been a favourite spot for artists, photographers, and tourists.

This is a completely new edition of the guide printed in full colour with many new photographs.


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About The Author

Frances and Michael Holmes

We love living in Norwich and not only enjoy researching and documenting projects but also being able to share our work. We are the first to admit that we are more “enthusiasts” than historians and although we set ourselves high standards, we believe that such activity should be fun. As a team we can each work to our strengths which allows us to present our work in a variety of media: books, websites, presentations and film.

Michael has lived in Norwich all of his life, Frances arrived in 1983 for a year but could never find a good enough reason to leave! After a career in IT, Michael is the techie whilst Frances’ background, involving links with both the corporate and voluntary sectors, is used to good effect in organising and researching. We particularly enjoy meeting and working with a huge range of people from many different backgrounds and helping to preserve and promote Norwich’s rich heritage.

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