The ‘Strangers’ was the name given in Norwich to the many incomers to the city from Europe (especially the Low Countries and northern France) in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. At one time they made up more than a quarter of the population, and they had a great effect on the city’s industry, trade and public life. Frank Meeres explores their experiences and their impact, providing details of many individuals from all walks of life.
Norwich and the Netherlands; The Dutch Revolt; The invitation; The first rush, 1567–68; First impressions: writing home; Later immigrants, 1568 onwards; Governance; The making of livings; Where they lived; Personal lives; Some Dutch families; Some Walloon families; Births, marriages, deaths; Languages, literacy, schooling; Health and welfare; Plague and the immigrant community; Connections – links with other communities; Support and opposition; Merging in and moving on; The Huguenots; Some Huguenot families; Afterwards; Bibliography; Index.