The Wherryman (David Blake)

A chilling Norfolk Broads crime thriller. Number 6 in the DI Tanner series.

The Wherryman (David Blake)


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Four missing children, three murdered men, and the helm of a boat with a blood-red sail, hiding a secret only he can tell.

Returning to the Broads after nearly two years at sea, John Tanner moors up next to a boat to find the body of a man whose five-year-old daughter is nowhere to be seen.

As a torrent of unwanted memories begins flooding through his mind, an attractive Broads Ranger arrives at the scene with a disturbing tale; one of children being taken by a ghostly figure, standing at the helm of an old wooden boat.

Set within the mysterious beauty of the Norfolk Broads, this fast-paced British detective series is a dark cozy murder mystery with a slice of humour and a touch of romance which will have you guessing until the very end, when the last shocking twist is finally revealed.

The Wherryman is a totally addictive gripping crime thriller, the sixth in a chilling series of serial killer books, ones which will rapidly convert followers of L J Ross, Faith Martin, Joy Ellis, Damien Boyd and J M Dalgliesh into David Blake devotees.


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About The Author

David Blake

Consistently ranked within the top 30 most read authors on, David Blake is a full-time author living in North London. To date (2022) he has written twenty-one books along with a collection of short stories. He’s currently working on his twenty-second, Weavers’ Way, which is the next in his series of DI Tanner crime fiction thrillers set in the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads. When not writing, David likes to spend his time mucking about in boats, often in the Norfolk Broads, where his crime fiction books are based.

In March, 2021, David was interviewed by Samantha from the UK Crime Book Club. During the discussion he talks a little about himself and some of the ideas behind his books.

David Blake Books in Order

  1. Broadland
  2. St Benets
  3. Moorings
  4. Three Rivers
  5. Horsey Mere
  6. The Wherryman
  7. Storm Force
  8. Long Gore Hall
  9. Weavers Way (to be published 2023)

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