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Under The Griffin’s Wing: A Norwich Life (Fred Cobb)


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Fred Cobb’s autobiography spans service in the First World War and 50 years on the railways.  A well written and fascinating insight into ‘A Norwich Life’.


As we grow older, memories become more vivid and people and places from the past come alive again.  So when Fred discovered some old sketches of France, he began to look back on his life and write this book.

That was in 1973 and Fred wrote his book longhand, leaving his notebooks to his nephew when he died in 1978.  Some 40 years later, … came across the notebooks, and now aged 92 himself, started typing them up.   …’s son, Chris finished the job and decided to publish the story in this book.

Frederick George Goodson Cobb (Fred) was born in Norwich in 1896. Apart from military service in World War One and a ten year ‘exile’ in Ipswich, he lived his entire life in Thorpe, Norwich. He retired in 1961 after a fifty year career with the railways — initially the Great Eastern Railway (GER) which merged to become part of London and North East Railway (LNER) in 1923 and finally part of British Railways after nationalisation in 1948.

One of his main hobbies was writing and between 1929 and 1937 he was a regular contributor to the London & North Eastern Railway Magazine. Following his retirement, he contributed a number of articles of local interest to the Eastern Daily Press and Eastern Evening News. “Whiffler”, a columnist in the Eastern Evening News, once described him as a writer of “no mean journalistic ability” and “a really good writer” — these words of commendation encouraged him in 1973 to write this autobiography.

Fred died in 1977 at the age of 80.


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