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Wingfield: Suffolk’s Forgotten Castle


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A history of Wingfield Castle in Suffolk, and of the families that lived there, from its earliest construction in the 14th century through to the present day.


Wingfield belongs to a clutch of late fourteenth century castles that must be seen in the context of a society in turmoil. Foreign wars, power struggles at the heart of government, popular revolt and the longer term effect of epidemic disease provide the backdrop for the creation of this mansion built with the appearance and defences of earlier castles but which was also home to powerful families who played nationally important roles in the story of England. The Wingfields, de la Poles, Brandons and Jerninghams made history and their stories shaped the nation.

Wingfield was well known throughout the late medieval and Tudor periods but later declined to become a residence at the heart of a farming estate. But these later centuries are just as important to understanding the story of the building and crucial to understanding the surviving remains. This book is as much about the story of Suffolk and its changing society as it is about the castle itself. The author’s meticulous research gives equal weight to these later centuries, creating for the first time a comprehensive history to shed light on this forgotten Suffolk castle.

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About the author

Elaine Murphy is an independent life peer, Baroness Murphy of Aldgate, a well known academic psychiatrist and dementia specialist. She worked in the NHS for 25 years becoming Foundation Professor of Psychiatry of Old Age at the medical schools of Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals from 1983 to 1996. In her retirement she undertook a Ph.D in Social History, and, as well as being the author of many academic books, she now writes on
the history of her beloved Waveney Valley and counties of Norfolk and Suffolk. her other Poppyland books include, Monks Hall: The History of a Waveney Valley Manor and the 21st century commentary in Suffolk Scene: A Book of Description and Adventure.


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