Over the last couple of months we’ve had some time to work in the background on our website.  Some of this work is behind the scenes:  orders placed online now automatically feed into our backoffice order processing and inventory system, which doesn’t make much difference to customers, but saves us a lot of time and avoids errors in manually re-entering orders.  But we’ve also added a few new features.

First you will notice on the shop pages there are some new buttons by each product:

Add to Basket is fairly obvious, but can be a timesaver if you want to quickly add a selection of books.  For trade customers, if you want to add multiple copies, the quick way is to use the Add to Basket button, then later go into the Shopping Basket (or Cart) and amend the quantities.

Wishlists are a new feature, and allow you to create a selection of books which you can later go on to order.  You can even share your wishlist with someone else – again useful for trade customers to pass a list to a colleague to review before ordering.

PDF Catalogue

Another new feature is the PDF Catalogue.  On category selection pages, on wishlist pages and on the shopping cart pages you will now see a button similar to this (sorry about the American spelling!):

Clicking on this will generate a printable page listing all the books in the current selection, with full ordering details.  Again a useful way of printing or sharing a selection of titles.

Trade Ordering

If you are a trade customer and haven’t found the Trade Ordering pages, these are a real timesaver.  You need to be logged in as a Trade Customer to access these pages but they list the products in a concise order form style, allowing you to quickly select titles and quantities.  Under the Trade Ordering menu you will find several options:

  • Previously Ordered – lists all the titles you’ve ordered in the last two years (that is all orders, not just through the website), making it easy to check against existing stock and re-order.
  • Featured Products – lists all recent and featured products from our range
  • Reduced – lists all titles that have been reduced from their original RRP.
  • All Products – lists all titles, but selection can be made by categories to reduce the number displayed.

Don’t forget trade customers can select On Account as their payment method and get normal credit terms – no need to make payment with order.