We are delighted to be able to bring you a wonderful range of books from Lasse Press, a Norwich based publisher with some lovely East Anglian books, including some Norwich best sellers.  You can download their full catalogue but here are a few of their books that we hold in stock – all of the others are available to order for delivery within a few days.

Norwich is blessed with more surviving medieval churches than any other city north of the Alps. Local architect David Luckhurst has painted all 32 (including the lone tower of the bombed St Benedict), with an emphasis on how they fit into the streetscape. The full-colour reproductions of David’s paintings are accompanied by his brief handwritten notes on each street scene and the surrounding buildings (some of which he designed), plus a specially drawn map locating all the churches within the city centre.  Norwich Medieval Churches is currently No. 1 on Jarrolds’ local best sellers list.Norwich Medieval Churches: Paperback, 246 ×189 mm, 40 pages. 32 full-colour reproductions of original paintings, plus b/w illustration and map. ISBN 978-0-9933069-8-3 RRP £10.99

From the Green Children of Woolpit to the tale of Tom Tit-Tot (Suffolk’s own version of Rumpelstiltskin), the county of Suffolk is surprisingly rich in lore and legends about fairy realms and hidden inhabitants. The county’s place-names and agricultural customs testify to past belief in elves and fairies, beings that were still feared and held in awe by Suffolk people until the twentieth century. Suffolk Fairylore  offers a detailed account of what Suffolk people believed about the ‘farisees’, and shows that Suffolk is as rich in fairylore as any English county. The book includes a gazetteer of all the places in Suffolk historically associated with the fairies, as well as appendices covering Suffolk’s medieval fairy narratives and the fairytales collected in the county in the Victorian period.Suffolk Fairylore: Paperback, 234 ×156 mm, 156 pp. many illustrations, mostly in colour. ISBN: 978-1-9997752-3-0 RRP £15.99

The ‘Strangers’ was the name given in Norwich to the many incomers to the city from Europe (especially the Low Countries and northern France) in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. At one time they made up more than a quarter of the population, and they had a great effect on the city’s industry, trade and public life. Frank Meeres explores their experiences and their impact, providing details of many individuals from all walks of life.The Welcome Stranger: Paperback, 234 ×156 mm, 244 pp. 10 maps, 11 tables, 62 illustrations, many in colour. ISBN: 978-1-9997752-2-3 RRP: £16.99

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